Custom Design

We are a small boutique web design and marketing company. We will work with you to determine a online strategy and budget to suit your business needs.

From custom graphics, slideshows, and videos to shopping carts, fully branded website, email campaigns and social networking we do more than just setting up a template site. We integrate and streamline your website experience and keep it flowing seamlessly across media platforms making sure your message is delivered in a simple clear manner.

Step 1

Planning and Strategy
Putting your website together is the easy part. The hard part is planning your website goals and objectives. Through research, discussion, brainstorming and idea sharing, we will come up with a mutually agreed upon strategy to build and grow your brand.

Step 2

Web Design and Creative Assets
Once we have a plan we will start the creative process by collecting, developing, writing and laying out all the components of your online web presence. Through photography, graphic design, content writing, and video we will create the images and stories that relay your message to your audience.

Step 3

Web Development and putting it all together
Once we have compiled most of the assets for our website we will implement and custom tailor your website experience to capture your customer’s attention and keep it engaged.

Step 4

Online Marketing, Tracking and Statistics, Social Media
Without monitoring and tracking it is hard to tell how well your website is working. By setting up milestones and tracking the results we will be able to tell what is working and what is not. The numbers will tell the story.

Coding/CMS prices depend upon the number of total pages. There is a set up fee for the initial build out of your unique site plus a per page charge.
Note: If you are looking to spend under $5k check out our Web Design Packages